Dallas Contemporary, 2013

Installation view of works by Michelle Rawlings and Arthur Peña. Photo: Kevin Todora

To celebrate its 35th birthday, Dallas Contemporary dons the mask of the Roman god Janus, the mover of human life and a symbol of change + transition. With two faces, Janus simultaneously looks into the future and to the past representing the continuity and finality of time. In a similar fashion, this exhibition investigates 35 years of reflecting and projecting.

Dallas Contemporary’s restlessness and velocity has ignited the institution’s rapid growth from a small local organization into an internationally recognized art center and a hotbed of artistic activity. The institution continually invests in new stimuli. 35 Dallas/Fort Worth-based artists were invited to reflect on generational changes on the local art scene and continuous competition with time.

Viewed holistically, the exhibition explores a variety of concepts such as anxiety and fear; vigor, impatience and competition; image saturation and epistemic acceleration; the histories, ancestries and futures.  

Artists: Morehshin Allahyari, Jesse Morgan Barnett, Andrew Blanton, Bradley Brown, Cassandra Emswiler, Vernon Fisher, James Gilbert, Sally Glass, Nathan Green, Timothy Harding, Nevada Hill, Quinn Mathews, Margaret Meehan, Francisco Moreno, Michael Morris, Lisa Nersesova, Arthur Peña, Morton Rachofsky,
Brittany Ransom, Michelle Rawlings, S.C.A.B., Trent Straughn, Jason Willaford, Trey Wright.