Metes & Bounds is a series of talks with YVAA artists in residence moderated by Lilia Kudelia as part of Residency Unlimited public programs. The title comes from a term used in cartography and real estate and refers to the method of surveying land for the definition of general boundaries. The program aims to understand contact zones and the reasons that either create places or pull the regions apart, enabling the formation of borders – economic, infrastructural, mental or else.


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A dialogue between Mila Panić and Žarko Aleksić about reasoning and emotions, the inner workings of nervous systems, and the myth-making mechanisms in the narratives pertaining to migration. The artists reflect on the importance of interrogating imaginary spaces, examining their own states of mind while living “between here and there”. They speak about their personal choices when it comes to making (a)political art. 


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Jelena Micić and Maria Nalbantova reflect on liquids, toxins, detergents, polymers and other synthetic ingredients that come into sight in their visual language and performance practices. Both artists’ work seeks to establish conscious relations with materials while scrutinizing the implications of hygiene protocols and environmental regulations that structure our surroundings daily. Through unconventional uses of soap, plastic straws, mesh and brushes, Nalbantova and Micić explore the porousness of bodies and the socio-economic constraints imposed on individuals. 


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Lana Stojićević, Lori Lako, and Somer Şpat reflect on how industrial heritage informs their practice, discuss the appeals and threads of halted infrastructures, and probe shared mental maps induced by their upbringing at the Balkan Peninsula at the turn of the 20th century. The presentation transports us via railway systems of Kosovo, abandoned limestone production facilities in Albania and former Electrode and Ferroalloy Factory in Croatia to the “neo-styles” of contemporary architecture in the region informed by nostalgia and futuristic fantasies. 

Shared Threads:
Daniela Krajčová in conversation with Lilia Kudelia, Lucia Gavulová and Janeil Engelstad

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Employing a variety of methods – from sand drawing animation to specially equipped caravans, Krajčova’s poignant visualizations of oral histories re-inscribe the voices of marginalized and isolated community members into collective memory and current socio-political landscape. The program features early participatory projects with immigrants, asylum seekers and Roma children, as well as excerpts from Krajčová’s animated films that explore histories related to Jewish heritage in Slovakia, memories of collectivization in the 1950s, and the present labor migration of Slovak geriatric care workers to Austria. 


Sequence: artist talk with Damir Sobota

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In conversation with Lilia Kudelia, Damir Sobota reflects on the adaptability of his graphic works to space and his motivation to uncover his paper collage technique in newly produced cardboard sculptures that he realized during his residency in New York.