Vich-na-Vich Ukraine: Extreme Care Time ︎ 
ARTMargins conversation

with Ilya Zabolotnyi, Kateryna Filyuk, Janeil Engelstad and Lilia Kudelia

This conversation took place on July 17, 2022, nearly five months since Russia invaded Ukraine. Cultural producer Janeil Engelstad and curator Lilia Kudelia spoke with curator and researcher Kateryna Filyuk and art historian and cultural programmer Ilya Zabolotnyi about how the war has impacted Ukrainian art and culture, issues of cultural preservation and self-agency, as well as the building of support networks and new art infrastructures. Filyuk is a curator at Izolyatsia Platform for Cultural Initiatives, whose mission has shifted to address the war-related needs of arts organizations, artists, and cultural workers. Zabolotnyi is Director of the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund, an organization that provides emergency stipends to Ukrainian cultural workers impacted by the war.


Ukrainian Stand
at I Never Read Book Fair

Basel, Switzerland

Co-organized by Lilia Kudelia, Your Art, and Ukrainian Institute, the book stand presents editions by  IST Publishing, Osnovy, MOKSOP, RODOVID, 89books, Artbook and ArtHuss, publications by Dovzhenko Center and the Art Arsenal museum, as well as artist books and zines by Ukrainian artists and students based at Lucerne School of Art and Design and the FHNW- University of Applied Arts in Basel.

On July 16, Kudelia moderated conversation with Anna Riabova and Dasha Asonova, members of Kyiv-based collective understructures and co-authors of the limited edition book oberih.  


Juror for Oskár Čepan Award 2022
Bratislava, Slovakia

Finalists: Ján Skaličan, Lenka Adamcová, Michal Mitro, Monika Pascoe Mikyšková, Peter Kašpar

The award was founded in 1997. Oskár Čepan (1925 – 1992) was a strong critic and art theoretician with a broad scope and general solid knowledge, a devoted editor and anthologist, an erudite and receptive author of texts about contemporary Slovak visual art, a philosopher, theoretician, historian and critic. He played an essential role in the Slovak history of visual art of the 20th century, and his texts are still valid and surprisingly accurate today.


Juror for BAZA Award 2022
Sofia, Bulgaria

Winner: Krasimira Butseva

The annual award for young artists in Bulgaria – BAZA, was established in 2007. The competition is organised by the Institute of Contemporary Art – Sofia and Edmond Demirdjian Foundation.


Juror for Mangelos Award 2022
Belgrade, Serbia

Winner: Pavle Banović

Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award was founded in 2002 by The Center for Contemporary Art from Belgrade and The Foundation for a Civil Society (FCS) from New York. The award bares the name of a prominent conceptual artist and art historian from former Yugoslavia, Dimitrije Bašićević Mangelos.


Juror for ACAX Award 2022
Budapest, Hungary

Winner:  Tamás Páll


Juror for Denes Award 2022
Skopje, North Macedonia

Winner: Ivana  Mirchevska