Tuesday Evenings with the Modern 

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX

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For this special Tuesday Evenings presentation, Lilia Kudelia brings to light one of the Modern’s little-known treasures by the artist Robert Rauschenberg. Kudelia shares the origins of this unusual and perhaps prophetic work and focuses on the collaboration between Rauschenberg, the Viola Farber Dance Company, and David Tudor for the production of the Brazos River video, commissioned in 1976 by what was then known as The Fort Worth Art Museum and broadcast on KERA TV Channel 13.

She notes, “Conceived by the artists and the curator Anne Livet during the period of ‘privileged access’ to the TV network environment, this first ‘television exhibition’ in Texas aimed to amplify the presence of the museum beyond the North Texas region.  Despite its short-lived presentation on local television in 1977, the project shines a new light on the questions of preservation and restaging of TV-based artworks in the context of contemporary screen-dominated landscape.”  

Images courtesy of the Robert Rauschenberg Archive.